Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you1. In this particular case though, it’s pure contagious paranoia.

I think the whole film is summed up by the Pythagoras story, about the Eureka moment and its moral. It really is a valid warning about obsession, applicable to many in all walks of life. Usually this is presented by the stoner characters, but here it’s the opposite, the obsessed lose track of the real world and retract to their fantasies with tragic consequences.

In a way, this film is part of the trend that culminates with The Matrix, including Strange Days and the like. This ebb and flow of philosophy in mainstream films doesn’t seems to follow any pattern, not one that my puny mind can ascertain. We should chill, and enjoy its artefacts.

I didn’t remember this had some electronica for the chase sequences. It’s still uncomfortable to watch.

  1. Or is it? 


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