Strange Days

Strange for cops to murder black people on a random traffic stop? Over spurious reasons, for nothing? Yeah, the good old 90’s…

SQUID-head freaks get off on the hottest new tech: vicarious living other people’s lives. Like most new technologies, it’s mostly for porn. Porn, porn, porn. Guys feeling “their” titties, straight up fucking, the whole shebang.

Then there’s the underground shit: underage sex, gangbangers jacking up a liquor store or a restaurant, snuff films. Our man Lenny (with that name, you can tell he’s already a sleazebag) is the king of the scene. He doesn’t deal in snuff, but other than that he’s the magic man…

Lenny is a washout. Former cop, got kicked off the force for some crap he probably doesn’t remember. His best buddy is also a pig, kicked out too over some injury or something. His underling is Tick, some guy who knows a guy with a van, and Mace, the only serious person of the lot.

Mace actually met Lenny the cop. Right when her husband got busted, he was there for her son. Never forget.

Anyway, Lenny has the hots for this chick, some low rent singer, got mixed up with this nasty shitheel record producer, some wirehead junkie, hooked on Replay, used up emotions.

After the Tupac/Malcom X expy got straight up executed by the beat cops while a hooker recorded it on her simstim, our Lenny has the only copy of that “lightning bolt from god”, and must battle friends and foes to bust their asses.

Neuromancer for the Rodney King generation. Angela Bassett is the coolest person in the world. Molly Millions with emotions.


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