The Girl on the Train

Come Back Girl, she’s not gone in the end.

I honestly thought this was a light version of Source Code, something that happened only in a train. But it’s actually a somewhat generic murder mystery, the reverse Gone Girl. I like to think this is a prequel to Sicario, that’s why Kate is divorced.

She was married to some dude, but after failing to have kids, she started hitting the booze so hard, she even blacked out. His psycho husband created some crazy memories of these times, and started fucking another woman in the meantime.

Years later she is still perma-drunk, and stalks her old place. There are other, younger neighbours, related to the old couple since she babysits their kid.

After Kate hits a particular bender involving the young woman, and she then appears dead in a ditch, all evidence points to our Kate.

A thorough examination into upper class housewife lives later, turns out Kate’s ex is a rabid nymphomaniac, dabbling in murder on the side. All because he impregnated the young babysitter he was dumping his cum at, and she wouldn’t get rid of it.

The final showdown reveals his true colours, and Kate defends herself by killing his ex with a corkscrew. How do you like them grapes, ironic?

Linking this up with Sicario, Rachel changed name to Kate, cleaned up her act and got a fresh start busting down cartels in Arizona. That’s why she’s divorced and has problems forming attachments, and why the brawl with the cop affected her so much, it’s PTSD.


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