Hot damn, ‘em rebs sure ain’t psychos. Male-only Straw Dogs.

A party of three suburbanites and a city-dwelling Daniel Boone cosplayer want to go on a moderately intense camping trip: canoeing down a river like bosses. They are inexperienced, but fit, so what could possibly go wrong?

Everything, apparently. Not nature though, good old-fashioned ultraviolence. Random bored fucktards go ahead and fuck them over (a log), and get a literal arrow to the neck. The art major goes nearly catatonic and plunges into the river without a paddle. The rest are either too weak to do anything, or have bones coming out of their legs.

The middle-of-the-road guy ends up saving the day, but still gets PTSD from nearly having to eat some southern semen. That, and murdering said guy later. Not sure what scares him more…

The cast is fan-fucking-tastic, even though half of them were doing their first film. Burt Reynolds is the Daniel Boone cosplayer, Angelina Jolie’s dad as the suburbanite turned Appalachian. The CEO of OmniCorp is the art major, that’s just preposterous. The creepy CEO from Network the the guy getting shafted.

A even more hilarious bit of trivia is having then governor of Georgia Jimmy Carter put up subsidies for film production after this film. Maybe he didn’t saw it, what would Carter say of actual buggery?


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