Fast Times at Ridgemont High

I’m pretty sure the creators of this dross were on dope. Just a whitewashed piece of Americana by Cameron Crowe, set in the worst possible place: high school. Just another Porky’s, but with rich folk.

Literally every scene is about sex: people talking about having sex, people having sex, or sexy people doing stuff that get them laid. It’s more sex-infused that fucking Boogie Nights and A Clockwork Orange. The “sex scenes” are amateurish at best, and I’m pretty sure they will say they are intended, but that’s still bullshit.

Since it’s all about fucking, every single character is a slut, even the virginal protagonists. Getting pregnant and having an aborting at 15 is basically no big deal, barely an inconvenience. The big problem is that the guy did not pay for it, but since literally everyone is loaded, she just pull 150 bucks out of her ass, no biggie.

By “loaded”, I mean there’s literally nobody that has money issues, cars being totalled are shrugged of, and most people treat work as a hobby.

This was released 40 years ago, it’s the same time difference as WW2 from the setting. These kids are the boomer children. Even more shocking is that Phoebe Cates, the infamous friend of the protagonist married Kevin Kline (20 years older) and did not many films after that. Irony as she is cast.

“Nicholas Coppola” was credited but Nic Cage only appears from the back during mere seconds. You can’t fake that voice though.


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