Villeneuve’s second film. What the fuck was he smoking, so many questions.

At first, when the talking fish appears, I genuinely though I was nor watching the right film. Then I triple checked I was, and became even more confused.

The plot is simple, if completely batshit insane from the synopsis alone.

Our protagonist is some kind of model for a shop tended at by her brother (I guess? This is not totally clear). The film basically opens with her abortion. This is traumatic, so our protagonist parties hard in a nightclub.

In her boozing state, she runs over a guy on the way home and kills him. She’s not sure this really happened on the day, but soon it is confirmed it’s her fault. She erases the evidence, including throwing her car into the port. For some reason, she meets cute the son of that particular guy, and they meet, in the biblical sense. All around bizarre events happen between these milestones.

What’s up with all the background banter in Portuguese? This includes most fisherman talking, random people at the bar. Are there so many Portuguese-speaking people in Montreal? Is it on purpose, or incidental?

Incendies is more watchable, this is way too much arthouse.


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