Out of Sight

So that’s where Clooney met Soderbergh. A match made in heaven really. Ving Rhames should have been on the Ocean films.

This is one of the subplots of Ocean’s Twelve, except it’s Clooney and J-Lo, but R-rated.

Clooney is this suave criminal, a type cast really, busted for some stupid mistake. His buddy Buddy is Ving Rhames, follows him everywhere. There’s another typecast Steve Zahn, as dumbass Glenn, way over his head. He’s mixed up with some really hardcore fellow, by the name of Snoopy, kinda dumb though. J-Lo is trying to bust their asses.

In jail they met some Wall Street yuppie, who admits to having 5 milles in diamonds stashed in his house, so everyone wants a piece of that action. One of Snoopy’s goons wants a piece of ass in the form of Nancy Allen.

Ultimately, love prevails, as in J-Lo busts Clooney’s ass, and Buddy gets away with the stones. The hardcore guys are dead for stupid reasons, and Glenn ran off. Could be worse.

This is a lightweight film with a ginormous cast of top notch talent, mostly in bit parts. It’s incredible how every glorified cameo is some Oscar winner, incredible.


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