The Eye

A remake of a Pang brothers film, that’s something that you don’t see every day. Jessica Alba is a sight for sore eyes, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Rachel Ticotin still has that Total Recall vibe.

This is a simple horror film, filled with jump scares and creepy sounds. Our hero is a blind orchestra soloist, which sees dead people after receiving a cornea transplant from a Mexican girl.

At first she thinks her sixth sense is a classic unfinished business regarding the dead girl, so she travels to Mexico. She get the answers she needs: the donor was a Cassandra, a medium to the afterlife. She tried to warn people of their impending doom, unsuccessfully. Her own mother nearly died in a fire on some sweatshop ceramic factory, driving her to suicide.

Our hero packs up and gets back home, confident everything is solved, but she finds her true calling: preventing some accident at the border. So this is what the donor was warning her about. In the process she loses her eyes again, but saves many lives.

Our hero sacrificed herself for the community, like a good cog in a machine would. Actually it was better than the original, where our hero remains a Cassandra: everyone dies and she loses her eyes anyway.


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Ephemera of Vision