The Mexican

A very funny romp through organised crime, feuds, and a cursed custom revolver, which is really all about a bickering couple.

Our protagonist is apparently dimwitted, but street smart. After accidentally leading a mob boss to jail, he is roped into the organisation, doing mostly fetch quests. His girlfriend doesn’t approve, she just wants to go to Vegas and be a croupier.

She doesn’t approve of his tone either, and has all the psychology lingo to back it up: blame shifting, projecting, TIMEOUT! Group therapy helps.

After borking the last job offscreen, our protagonist needs to fetch a mythical gun from rural Mexico, and he is free. His buddy is even more dimwitted than him, a straight arrow that does everything by the book, including the hideous hairstyles.

What happens Mexico stays in Mexico, and it involves multiple carjackings, riding donkeys, and a stray dog. Love prevails, helped by deep thoughts spouted by a professional hitman, with classic Barty Crouch Jr. plot holes.


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Ephemera of Vision