Eternal Beauty

This should include triggers warnings for extremely downer mood inducing, the synopsis calls this a comedy, for crying out loud. And I’m not even talking about the Welsh countryside.

Snatching temporary victory from the jaws of defeat is the best case scenario, not any lasting improvement. It’s depressing just to think about it.

She had enough trauma to last a lifetime, really. Being constantly beaten down by a uncaring and actually evil mother, then getting stood up in the altar just in the cusp of freedom is harsh. Getting taken away for medieval torture chambers can only lead to being pissed with the only kind people in your life, lovely Alice.

Of course there’s another guy betraying her, again, sinking her into another pit of hell, which means making up(-ish) with her dying mother can be taken as an uplifting moment. Knowing that Alice dropped her idiot husband is a plus too, as long as they don’t sink together.

All in all, a very blue film, thematically and visually. Alice is fiery red (burning hot, with no flame), while the other “fortunate” sister is green with envy.


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