The Meg

Yet another Chinese blockbuster like Mortal Engines. Based on a book, suure. Fun for the whole committee.

Japanese guy dies first. The black guy is from the hood, even though he’s got a PhD or something. There’s a false ending every 30 min.

There’s the Confucian subplot about respecting your elders. They change their mind about emotionally abusing you your whole life, and in their deathbed recognise they could have shown some love and kindness.

Even crazier is the love triangle between the Chinese divorced scientist, and the western Greenpeace pilot. Being a Chinese story, the don’t just fuck on the first date, the emotional climax is them agreeing to go on vacations together. Ruby Rose is the only one that has no designated love interest, none of the other woman like girls.

The last big showdown between one giant shark and several humans is on the Gulf of Tonkin, in some resort where idiot Chinese tourists are on vacations, instead of working 996.


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Ephemera of Vision