Blue Steel

A slasher with just a few characters. Clearly fiction when Internal Affairs do suspend cops for excessive use of force. Not pure copaganda, though.

Our protagonist is a fresh recruit, out and about for the first time, when a robbery takes place while her partner uses the can, and she is forced to empty the entire clip onto the perp. Unbeknownst to her, the robber’s gun vanishes, since the villain has now the opportunity and means to go nuclear on random people.

The villain is a rebranded Patrick Bateman, just a random yuppie that went off the deep end when experiences actual physical violence. After homing in on our protagonist, he sticks to her like a stock broker in a bull market: fondling genitals to ascertain the entity’s tastiness.

Our protagonist is kicked from the force but after a while she gets back, into the arms of a hot chunk of Detective. The feeling is mutual.

The villain just kill random people for the experience, then moves up to protagonist’s buddies: her best friend is brutally murdered outside her home, and she’s nest. She vows to avenge her.

A classic thriller with plenty of edgy themes: feminism, in particular how to be a female cop amongst all those men; her best friend is a happily married, with 2.4 kids; her father bests her mother, but she pities him and lets him go, for now…


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