Like Escape from New York and Mad Max 2 had a baby, and that baby got shot in the eye, turning into a female cyborg Plisken, working undercover for the opposition government faction. So much exploding body parts…

I did not recall the Bentley chase sequence is directly lifted from Mad Max 2, the granddaddy and reigning king of all chase sequences (Fury Road is also great). Gets all the beats right: two enemies at the side, the hero breaks and they attack each other; game of chicken with the main villain, where our hero prevails; many people jumping between vehicles and getting trapped behind them.

The main villain is literally a female Plisken with a back story. The story climax is even lifted from Escape from L.A., getting the big bad to confess on camera by technical trickery. The main difference is that Plisken is a pure anarchist, and uses the 666 code, while our hero is more soft, and replaces the ruthless ruler with another, more humane ruthless ruler.

She’s not there to make friends though, she returns to rule over the roving band of marauders she just fought with. Playing the Arminus in a future sequel…


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Ephemera of Vision