The Evil Within

This is batshit insane. I think the weirdest part is where a billionaire ran a union shop, the SAG-AFTRA logo is prominent.

The ramblings of a billionaire, paying top dollar for cool effects and a eye-watering amount of credited people to solve a family feud. The main cast is credited as associated producer, and the director and executive producer get an “in loving memory”, which means he literally died trying to release this. What the hell is going on?

I have to hand it to them, there are many many many effects shots, and they are competently shot. It’s just that a film is more than a list of individual scenes. I don’t even think there was a script, just snatching Mulholland Drive, Friday the 13th, Rain Man, killing them, stripping them for parts and stuff them all in a big ice box. They are assembled half-assedly and are reanimated by industrial amounts of cash.


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Ephemera of Vision