This is yet another female version of John Wick, but much less po-faced. There’s more than just smouldering rage, there are attempts at humour and drama. The lead is not Charlize Theron, though.

This dodged two bullets, one being a Luc Besson production featuring skimpy ladies before he was cancelled, and Moscow being part of the cosmopolitan cohort of global settings for big budget productions before Putin cancelled them. Not to mention the pandemic.

I predict this will age very badly, it will be like a time capsule into a world that no longer exists, and I don’t even mean the nominal Cold War setting (half-assed really). Similar to Unlocked, but even more recent.

This was also released the year after two Russian citizens visited the Salisbury cathedral on holidays, know for its large spire, and even donated a perfume bottle to a charity bin, that found its way to Dawn Sturgess’ hands. Fiction is more boring but less weird than the real deal.


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