Jack Reacher: Never Look Back

Well well, Bourne with a family. But Reacher is still the noir anti-hero, a complete asshole who respects no one, we are supposed to root for him.

This time, Reacher is fighting evil Blackwater mercs, which lost the money when the government decreased troops there, so they smuggle heroin back to the US. They are so evil, there’s a general on their payroll. Bad Hombres.

On the side of the JAG there’s this woman, who sent two underlings to Afghanistan to investigate and they got killed, execution-style. She’s now mad, it’s personal this case. Of course they try to kill her too, as well as some random girl that tried to bilk Reacher by claiming to be her daughter.

And so, this new dysfunctional family has to travel the States looking for answers, trying to prove they are not the criminals, they are being framed. Crimes committed on their journey are basically forgiven.


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