The Nice Guys

What a great film, I love how everything fits together. It’s really funny, the dialogue is full of zingers.

As you know, the main character is Inspector Gadget and his daughter is that kid that solved all his crimes for him. There’s also the muscle, and he is also touched by the little kid into not killing so many people.

The main plot concerns a DOJ bigwig in league with the big three Detroit auto manufacturers to suppress widespread usage of the catalytic converter, thus decreasing pollution, at a cost of some money.

That bigwig’s hippie daughter catches wind of it, and wants to get the message out, but the only way to do it would be to dress it up at an “artistic alternative” film AKA a porno. She’s about to release it, when suddenly everyone starts dying: the director, the actresses, the distributor. Our guys know too much so they are next. Detroit will never go down!

It’s all for nothing though, the truth is suppressed, and they both get back into drinking heavily. The Japanese car invasion also doesn’t happen.


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Ephemera of Vision