Solomon Kane

An origin story. How did a philanderer, murderous wretch privateering in the name of Glorianna, a guy that sailed under Francis Drake, turned into a pilgrim warrior-monk? By watching pilgrims die at the hand of raiders while his vow of peace remained unbroken.

After a nasty raid on Northern Africa, the Grim Reaper himself visits Captain Kane and warns him his soul is damned. He retires to a convent after taking a vow of peace. After being expelled for nothing, he roams the land, but finds a pilgrim family bound for the New World. The head of the family shows Solomon a picture of his family, so of course he is to be brutally murdered by Malachi goons, his sons killed, and his daughter abducted. Solomon breaks his vow of peace, and vows to recover the lost daughter.

Resting on a small chapel, he is tricked into serving as food for zombies, but in the ensuing fight, learns the daughter was killed. Giving up on the search, a local watering hole is visited and he drinks himself to a stupor. A request for forming a resistance against Malachi’s tyranny is rebuffed. Some ringleaders are crucified, as is Solomon.

But wait, the lost daughter notices this, and with this, Solomon UNCRUCIFIES himself and joins the resistance. She is everything that matters now.

After some light struggle, they reach the castle, the birthplace of our Solomon boy, a second son that killed the first born and abandoned his inheritance. Malachi is the wizard that tricked his father into power, and the masked lieutenant is his not-quite-living brother, revived by Malachi’s wizardry.

Solomon just kills them all, rescuing the lost daughter but keeping it platonic since she’s about 13 or something. He doesn’t take over the throne, just roams the land vanquishing evil, Van Helsing-style.

Curious, it’s the same director as Deathwatch, this is a step up for her.


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