I, Frankenstein

This is a nominal sequel to Frankenstein, the book. Except there are daemons and gargoyles too.

Frankenstein’s monster (Harvey Dent, that is, Aaron Eckhart) has lived in hiding for 200 years, and yet daemons still hunt him down. They fail, of course, but enough is enough, so he comes out of hiding.

The human world has changed

… but not the gargoyles, who dress like medieval thieves.

The baddies have Miranda Lawson (that is, Yvonne Strahovski) working for them, trying to reanimate rats, but their plan all along is rising an army to take over the world. They must be bored, since they seem to control the entire criminal underworld already.

Miranda must have skipped high school, because she is using 100 joules to reanimate mice, presumably with her body heat to be green, but then she reads a 200 years old book and jacks up the energy to 15k joules, which is about the caloric content of a lettuce leaf. They say it is enough power to kill an elephant, which only makes it worse.

Writers, if you won’t bother researching stuff, just make up words, it’s more creative. Just say:

100 shnerklunds is not enough, better jack it up to 20 thousand vundrolts!

Oh noes! The dexortnalds are off the charts, give it 1 cc of prandeshkelf, stat!

Various fight scenes happen, some with larger scale, and the head daemon Davy Jones (that is, Bill Nighy), is sent back to hell with an anticlimactic scene. Roll credits.

There are some good enough prosthetics, and the CGI is also decent, no major blunders on that quarters.

Is based in a comic book, but it’s not bad enough to be infuriating, so it only reaches middle of the road blandness.

I give it 7/volts.


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