Jerry Maguire

Just another romcom about a jerk discovering he has emotions.

This fits the romantic comedy mould to a T, complete with the required out-of-nowhere breakup in the middle to make the final scene more poignant.

Still, there are genuinely funny moments. This kind of films lives and dies by the supporting cast. In this particular case, it lives. I loved the disapproving sister (she introduces herself with this exact words) with the radical feminist support group in her couch. Cuba Gooding Jr. has the role of a lifetime as the small-time player that sticks with the agent after he falls from grace.

As for the “amoral jerk discovers emotions” plot, I prefer something like American Psycho or Falling Down (in which the emotions they discover are hatred and despair), since it’s less apologetic so said jerks and delivers some hard-hitting truths.

You can also go the charitable route and assume this film is romantic comedy at heart, all about touchy-feelings, the whole handegg agent world is just a backdrop for the romance, to provide a realistic alternative to just not betray the romantic interest. Using this interpretation, you can have a better time seeing this.


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