Yet another formulaic sadistic gorefest. I almost sawed some logs while watching this.

The formula had being perfected for years, and this feels that came out of an industrial process, with pieces of rotting pig meat still attached to it. Considering they farted out a Saw film for seven years in a row in the Halloween week, it was only inevitable. It’s always the same:

  • Catch phrase is uttered

    I want to play a game…

  • Person in introduced, minor personal flaws are taken as cardinal sins
  • People are killed metaphorically conducent to said personal flaws
  • Jigsaw complains about people not being grateful
  • Jigsaw does his toddler routine:

    I’m not touching you, just because you killed yourself after failing to release yourself from my over the top trap doesn’t mean I’m guilty!

This is the one where Dina Mayer is killed off (damn, my favourite character) and a trepanation is done on Jigsaw while he keeps talking in his soft and smooth voice. I still can’t believe the main character was not Castiel, except fatter.

Other highlights are a character taking a circular saw in hand, ready to chop up a guy and it turns out it only does a small paper cut. Completely anti-climatic…

At least (almost) everybody dies so that the next film can just pretend everyone was faking having gallons of blood gushing from their bodies.

Not gonna win any awards (all those are much better, The Descent is great), but it’s watchable.


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