Warm Bodies

Ravenous consumers of human flesh are people too. At least when they literally turn to people.

This is the standard Romeo and Juliet plot with modern music and some funny bits, but with the Capulet family replaced with humans and Montague family as walking corpses. They get better. There’s a third, unrelated faction that serves as cannon fodder, so that the humans and zombies can join forces in the end and tear down the wall!.

Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer are really great, they have screen chemistry and make for a crack pairing. Rob Corddry signed up for a comedy but got roped into a romcom. Malkovich begrudgingly collects his paycheck, but the script should have used his grumpiness and emotional distance even more to get extra mileage out of his wooden performance.

The synopsis for this film could as well be composed of Jet Set Radio soundtrack songs: Boy meets girl. After another introduction to the swelling act of sex (at least in his mind), boy lets girl sleep. Boy understands the concept of love and proclaims “I love love you”. Together, they wonder about the future?.


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Ephemera of Vision