Hungrier Potter: Revolutions.

Good grief, when I thought this couldn’t get worse.

A civil war break out over an alleged message left by the founding fathers 200 years before. The bad guys are 2 people and a gigantic army of conditioned slaves. Just No!

In a world where moral relativism has gone so far there are characters that change allegiance twice and they are trusted by their new faction like veterans. Where murder, torture, and other war crimes are tolerated in a society engineered to manufacture consent, I mean, “maintain the peace”.

In this world, the characters spend a majority of their time in flashbacks, dreams or drug-induced hallucinatory states called “simulations”. They were present in Divergent, but this has barely real-world scenes.

If I had to boil down my complaints to this series is that there’s too much cold-blooded murder for this to be for kids. One thing is to mow down faceless mooks, uncharacterised extras that exist to die. Other is having people killed execution-style by the good guys. And the main characters are supposed to be liked, there are no anti-heroes here, only their actions.

Turns out Chicago is like a Fallout vault, a societal experiment that divides people into factions and awaits for übermensch to arise. That’s just the ending, so this shocking twist doesn’t make the previous hours any better.

Not even Naomi Watts in a glorified cameo can save this. A film doesn’t get any worse when that happens.


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