The World Is Not Enough

Surprisingly introspective plot about oil pipelines in Asia Minor countries.

A rich dude gets killed by exploding cash in a targeted attack, and Bond gets assigned to the case irregularly by regularly screwing the evaluation doctor. Said dude was an M BFF, and has a smoking hot daughter, so Bond beds her.

She had been kidnapped for ransom by the father from 28 Weeks Later, and after getting nearly offed by other 00, he came out of his hiding place.

Bond is tasked to find that guy and use her as bait. Q is retiring and his replacement is John Cleese, which means in Bond’s universe, there was no Monty Python. No wonder there are people trying to end the world…

Turns out she was the mastermind behind it all, she traps M in Turkey while Honey Trapping Bond to her side. Bond finds out about the plot after impersonating a nuke scientist and getting spotted by not-Dina Mayer from Starship Troopers. She is no lesbian, as the blue collar miners thought she was.

The ultimate showdown happens in a sinking Russian nuclear sub, after Bond straight up uses his License to Kill on the real villain. Q enters in the right moment to avoid necrophilia.

This is almost a regular film, but it is betrayed by the groan inducing puns, including but not limited to erotic asphyxiation.

Malus points for having the Vampillain having to clumsily lug around thick bedsheets even when her fuckbuddies are alone in the room, to keep it PG 13. Either she can talk in bed, you could close on her face or she could put on a night gown, why mix and match?


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