Modern (about my age) Bond doesn’t really deviate from the formula. An above average action film.

The film starts with a double 00 mission, with 006 played by Sean Bean. 006 is killed (or is it?), and nearly 10 years later Bond is driving his shrink around. He meets Xenia Onnatop, who turns out is some kind of sadistic she-wolf who gets off on locking guys on her thighs, Chun-Li style. Once again ironically played by Famke Janssen, not someone with monstrous leg muscles.

Other evildoers have a kill sat and want to EMP the world for money. They destroy their own base for cover, but one girl survives. Good thing too, otherwise Bond would burst his testicles by spending so much time without banging anyone.

Bond goes back to base. After making another pass at Moneypenny and getting a playful sexual harassment accusation, he meets the new M (stands for Motherfucking Judi Dench), who calls him a misogynistic dinosaur and send him to Russia.

Turns out the man behind the man is 006, nicknamed Janus, a two faced Roman god, as the exposition filled dialogue mentions.

They then go to Cuba for the final showdown, which is doubled by the Arecibo observatory. The hacker dude (Alan Cummings) bangs on the keyboard with only one hand, since the other is needed to click on grenade pens.

There is a start of some self deprecation and a recognition that Bond is a sex-crazed sociopathic abuser who treats women like cumdumpsters, but not so much that it deviates from the formula.


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