Diamonds are Forever

One of Bond’s many low points. This is just bad.

There are two girl who spend literally all the time in their underwear. Even as the oil rig is being shelled at the end, the surviving one stroll around the explosions in skimpy clothes.

To keep in the insulting theme, the two Dragons are a gay couple who fail to kill Bond several times. The flamboyant is kicked in the balls while the demure one is burnt with a shishkebab.

There’s yet another stupid plot with Blofeld buying millions in diamonds to build a kill sat to ransom the destruction of all weapons in the world for Millions, by convincing a top scientist he wanted world peace by blowing up all weapons.

Blofeld has a virtually infinite amount of henchmen who did plastic surgery to look like him and perfect voice tech to mimic everyone else.

Blofeld takes control of the business of Howard Hughes expy, while he indulges in the pleasure of the flesh for years with two gymnasts.

I will skip over the embarrassing chase scene with the moon rover.


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