Guardians of the Galaxy

Childish BS, what a crock of shit.

A ragtag bunch of sociopaths turns out to have feelings, at least until the film ends and status quo yanks them back to their stereotype.

  • The orphan who pulled himself by his own bootstraps is the leader, and potential Aedipus, a king incognito.

  • The Chick is just that, allegedly a living weapon that does a lot of damsel in distress scenes. Just a hot green babe to hang sexy dresses on and stop the leader from being a sexual deviant.

  • The furry character is a mix of any Over the Hedge animal, Gretchen from Recess and La Femme Nikita. With a touch of Family Guy humour. Tastes like coffee with smoked salmon.

  • A tree “played” by Vin Diesel, who consists of a basic transfer of wealth to him, since it has literally two unique lines in the film.

  • The ex wrestler playing a very eloquent sociopath, prone to murderous rages. Bonus points for the irony, but that’s about it.

The badguys are just identical orcs, an there are some Uruk-Hai sprinkled around it. Cannon fodder.

Lee Pace ignores the memo and makes every line as the Shakespearean climax of an hitherto unknown play.


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