The Man with the Golden Gun

The one where Bond faces Scaramanga, the guy with three nipples and a dwarf servant.

Bond is being target by a Scaramanga, an assassin that charges a million bucks a hit to kill people with a solid gold gun that fires custom gold bullets. The MI6 doesn’t know who he is, and they receive a bullet with 007’s number on it. Bond is dispatched to Southeast Asia to fight for his life.

After mucking about Hong Kong and Macau, he gets to Thailand where he nearly catches him, before he flees after gluing wings to his muscle car.

There is a showdown on his private island where Bond is taken on a sales pitch of his super powered solar panels, fed lunch, then they have a duel at noon, and the villain dies in an anticlimactic showdown in a mirror house. For unrelated reasons his base explodes while Bond beds another girl.

There is a great stunt of rolling a car over a broken down bridge completely ruined in the editing room by adding a whistle to it. Completely kills the whole scene.


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