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  • The Dead Zone

    Celibacy is not worth it, it leads to gruesome deaths.

  • The Dark Tower

    A small portal is open into an alternate universe, but we are only allowed to peek at it from afar. Not even worth for those who read the books, I would wager.

  • 12 Years a Slave

    Middle class black family man is living his life, when the father is lured into lucrative work and gets kidnapped and sold into slavery for 12 years. Even though it’s based on a 200 years old book, it’s still as powerful as ever.

  • The Resident

    Bog standard “creep invades home of middle class person” horror film. Very modern since the main character rents a bargain home for a “mere” $4k.

  • The Double

    The Japanese music is damn eerie. It falls straight in the middle of the uncanny valley, it’s both familiar and a little strange. Works very well to make whole environment more contradictory.

  • The NeverEnding Story

    Kids falling down: The Movie of the Book. Eat you heart out, Labyrinth and The Princess Bride.

  • Inside Man

    A oddly mainstream Spike Lee joint, but still seeped in his particular style. Gripping from start to finish.

  • Mortal Engines

    Snowpiercer for kids, as someone put it. I think it muddles its political points too much to warrant such comparisons, but it’s apt.

  • Antz

    Baby’s first Woody Allen film. A lite romp consisting of guessing the actor behind the voice. It’s quite easy.

  • The Call

    Starts of as a Cellular retread, complete with LAPD copaganda, and slowly inches toward Hostel, thankfully stopping well before that.

  • Raiva

    Cinema veritè, in 1930’s Alentejo. Structured like a revenge plot, mostly against metaphoric leeches represented by literal landowners.

  • Noah

    Good Old Testament scumbag God massacres His creation for the lulz. Humans must decide to stop being submissive or go mad from their actions.

  • Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    Not worth it to break my Iñarritu self-imposed ban(it’s not clear on the marketing he’s directing). Not even Naomi Watts can rescue this.

  • Some Like it Hot

    Jim Carrey is a Tony Curtis dead ringer. Incredible.