How I Live Now

What the fuck is this? Why does all young adult fiction must be post-apocalyptic? A crazy setting for such anodyne film. This is similar to The 5th Wave, but the core of the film is sexy people sexying it up, and not the end of the world as we know it. No gun worship either.

So many questions are unanswered. Why and how did a nuke goes off in London? Is this some kind of Black Mirror origin story, where the UK nukes his own country as a false flag operation towards the full on fascist government, drafts, forced labour and martial law depicted in places? Did the nuke even happened for real? Why does Saoirse Ronan plays another manic dream pixie girl named Violet and Daisy?

Our protagonist is the classic book teen: low self esteem, upper-middle-class spoiled brat, germophobe twit. She meets some Arcadian volk and achieves Nirvana, by which I mean escapes a post-apocalyptic hellscape towards his beefcake cousin.

Rolling around in the hay must be pretty unhygienic, particularly naked. At least it was before fallout and Nuclear Winter, at least the kids won’t be mutants!


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