Romeo and Juliet with vampires and werewolves, throwing other variations in the mix. The setting is pushed to the recent past where everyone drives Maserati, dresses up like Neo, and shoots either silver bullets or liquid UV light.

It seems they blew their load on the first film, since nearly all the known actors die gruesome deaths. I sense some prequels.

Some human is poached by Lycans in the subway, for seemingly nothing. Vamps give chase. Turns out that guy is descendent of both or something.

The human is disputed by both factions, but Selene want him badly, and shoots a lot of Silver Nitrate to get that, with success.

This is what the long-presumed-dead Wolf Boss made a pact with the Vamp Manager. Once that is out in the open, Selene wakes up her Vamp Board Member, but he’s also a prick sociopath. As with nearly everyone.

600 years of lies, cleaning up guns and hitting the gym for your family’s killers. Bummer.


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