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6 posts from 01 to 22 December 2021.

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    A moderately entertaining affair, between the bitter lashing out at Warner Brothers for forcing their hand and making them release a fourth Matrix. To compensate, they reversed everything.

  • A Metamorfose dos Pássaros

    Poetry that let itself be filmed. A very personal and fine arts take on familial loss. “Every frame is a painting” is rarely such an apt description, it is literally true in this film.

  • The Haunting in Connecticut

    What the heck is this? The Christian Rock cover of the greatest horror hits. Let us soil ourselves to provide Christians with their vanilla terror.

  • The French Dispatch

    A series of shorts, a simple excuse for Wes and friends to make fun of The New Yorker in France at the producers dime. Just like the story itself! The producers indulge him because they know they will have a masterpiece in the end. The pinnacle of artistic indulgence.

  • Incendies

    Fucking war. War never changes. In this case, it changes were significant.

  • Ida

    Bit of a nun-binge, after Benedetta. This is the absolute opposite.