The Batman

The Dark Seven, a bit lighter due to contractual obligations. Worth it to go in without any marketing exposure. The Penguin is fucking rad, as are all other birds!

This is a return to form for Vengeance, in particular The Dark Knight formula. It works pretty well, there’s plenty of shit blowing up and Bats punches plenty of mooks in the face HARD. Paul “Riddler” Dano is left unrevealed until late, his face is not on the posters, so it’s a surprise all right, a good one as always.

But the main cast seals the deal, top notch performances all around. Colin Farrell in a fat suit takes the cake (I’m guessing not literally). Funny as hell, this low key Pacino impression.

Bruce doesn’t need to be a monstrous muscle man, this sort of lightweight buff is perfectly OK. You go, Pattinson!

The mobster guys are all Italian, for some reason. Falcone, Maroni, bollocks to that.


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