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4 posts from 07 to 28 May 2022.

  • After Hours

    This is like a show reel of actors doing scenes. There’s barely a coherent plot, just a Scorsese expy having many woman throw themselves at him, and self destroying when they are rebuked. Ya’ know, New Hollywood, not like the olden days.

  • Baby Driver

    A strange ride. Too many drivers spoil the trip. Just like that jet-powered Beetle, it’s style over substance. Bill Pope is completely wasted.

  • Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

    A baby fathered by The Matrix, Shaolin Soccer, Moonlight, and In The Mood for Love. Usually, “stuck in a blender” is a metaphor, but this is a corker. A better multiverse than more Marvel crap.

  • Cartas da Guerra

    Epistolary look into the commissioned officer experience in the Portuguese Colonial War. A more mainstream affair, compared to Hotel Império.