Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

A baby fathered by The Matrix, Shaolin Soccer, Moonlight, and In The Mood for Love. Usually, “stuck in a blender” is a metaphor, but this is a corker. A better multiverse than more Marvel crap.

The Matrix provides the major plot beats, and some direct references, like crawling through a sea of cubicles while a voice on the phone guides you. The main difference is that we have Bluetooth headsets now.

Shaolin Soccer and other Stephen Chow films like Kung Fu Hustle allows for crazy mood swings, fitting since the antagonist is a teenage girl. Like older Jackie Chan films, the fight scenes are shown, not hidden, even there’s too much cartoon to do.

It almost veers into an anti-LGBT treatise, but after the butt plugs and oversized dildos, à la Saints Row 3, it’s clear that was just a way to have the mum sticking up her own father. We shall overcome (our prejudices).

In The Mood for Love provides references, as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

If anyone asks them to turn down the insanity, the directors will answer: Turned down for what?

My God, the father is played by Ke Huy Quan, Short Round. That’s a big leap from one of the vilest, most hideous characters in all cinema.


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