Charlie's Angels

Hot damn, it’s a twofer: turns Charlie’s Angels into something other than braless woman running around, and proves you can do a modern feminist-ish big blockbuster without condescension nor Clinton-esque girlboss nonsense.

Of course all the badguys are men. The boss that takes the credit for the woman’s work and harasses her on top of that. The older guy that sees woman reach positions of power and doesn’t like it at all, it wrecks the old boys’ club. The tough guy that doesn’t really think woman can fight, and gets whooped.

The tech billionaire who doesn’t give a shit if people die, as long as he’s in the money. He actively hires people so he has plausible deniability about illegalities. It could apply to so many people, mostly males.

If I had to point out a weaker spot, it would be the music. Too much modern pop, I think Charlie XCX should do the whole soundtrack, it would be fitting.

That, or talking Portuguese. My god, talking “Portuguese”, not even the Brazilian variant. It’s just a bunch of terrible sounds, Fast Five all over again.


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