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  • Mississippi Burning

    Morons massacre minorities in Mississippi, Mulders mount manhunt, mortified locals maim more, motherfuckers must rot in jail.

  • Akira

    Damn radical. Part of the holy trinity of classical anime: this, Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Cowboy Bebop.

  • Without a Clue

    The Sherlock Holmes adaptation where Watson is the brains of the enterprise, Mrs Hudson is the heart and Holmes himself is an ignorant boob.

  • A Fish called Wanda

    Jamie Lee Curtis honey traps 4 guys concurrently before their very eyes, and gets away with it! She falls for the one who finds her weak spot: sexual arousal when hearing spoken Russian.

  • Rambo III

    The one where the US Army fawns over the Taliban Mujahideen. That did not age well…

  • Cherry 2000

    One of the stupidest Mad Max ripoffs I have ever seen. Completely ridiculous. Set in the “future” year of 2017.