The International

I have seen this several times now over the years, and it never fails to impress, even when you know the twists. Bourne with much less action and more evilness.

The cast completely kills it, from the leads to the smallest roles. It probably helps that everyone speaks in their native language.

The music is minimalist, even for the more intense actions scenes. No Hans Zimmer necessary. There’s a big variety of locations to visit, and the cinematography is top notch.

It’s a very smart script, based on a bank with ties to money-laundering Pablo Escobar’s cash (the Bourne parallels continue to appear). For some reason, the CEO of Zenimax was also involved with the bank, but settled out of course and got a lifelong ban from banking.

Tom Tykwer went on to befriend the Wachowskies, and work on Cloud Atlas and Sense8, which means at least someone else recognised his genius. He also did Babylon Berlin.


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