On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The one filmed in Portugal posing for Sicily, with George Lazenby.

There are bullfights, they cross the main bridge off Lisbon, some of the interior shots have Portuguese signs.

Starts off with bond saving a girl from killing herself. Turns out her father is a crime lord who might know Blofeld’s whereabouts.

Some upper class twits track Blofeld down because he wants to be a count. Bond poses as some baronet and goes to Switzerland, where Blofeld has a a ice palace cum private chalet, complete with an harem of psychologically conditioned girls.

He has a virus to sterilise all life and will release it in the world unless he is paid BEEELIONS. To release the virus he will release the harem to their homes as sleeper agents.

After escaping the chalet all the way to the sea (with help from that first girl) and going back again to blow it up and go back down, Blofeld seems dead.

Bond marries (!!!) that first girl and turns down 1 million quid of dowry. In the last seconds, Blofeld appears with a neck brace and murders her; The End.

Status Quo must be maintained at all costs. Having Bond being a different actor is not really commented upon (minus a “that never happened to the other fella” at the start when the Bond girl gets away). Blofeld is also another actor, but that is completely ignored. There’s even an expy Number 2 with the stern German iron lady.


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