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  • Rumble in the Bronx

    A batshit insane old-school Jackie Chan film, but with a larger budget. The freaking hovercraft…

  • Tomorrowland

    Brad Bird turns another Disney theme park into a very fun and joyful film, with a small essay into political themes interspersed in some scenes.

  • Seventh Son

    Bog standard fantasy action flick, featuring Jeff Bridges as drunk Gandalf/warlock Rooster Cogburn and Julianne Moore as evil half witch, half dragon. For some reason Kit Harrington appears in a cameo, Olivia Williams in a bit part, and Alicia Vikander as the good kind of witch. A CGI fest all around, completely skippable.

  • After Earth

    Shamamalama directed this? A hamfisted metaphor for Jaden Smith himself, leading him to scream at his father for being absent and treating him like shit. Will Smith himself played the ultra stoic warrior, so he wears a single constipated facial expression. I’d hate to be at those Christmas parties…

  • Up in the Air

    Oh, American comedies. Predictable as ever, emotionally manipulative, gratuitous nudity. Still, this is quite charming, like a puppy that wags the tail at you while you can see the poop in the distance.

  • Diamantino

    Shaolin Soccer meets Bourne, featuring Mediterranean refugees. Never thought that last sentence could ever make sense.

  • The French Connection

    Merveillouse. A classic for good reasons.

  • French Connection II

    The difficult second album syndrome strikes again. Actually, this suffers from a lack of editing: remove the War on Drugs element in the middle and you get a solid action film, a low rent Bourne meets Hardcore Henry, of all things.

  • Locke

    An actual and metaphorical journey come together. Simple, but effective.