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  • Audition

    That’s fucked up. Slow burner, preps you you 90 minutes of romcom, for a final segway into trademark Takeshi Miike madness. The ending is very much anti-climatic.

  • Deliverance

    Hot damn, ‘em rebs sure ain’t psychos. Male-only Straw Dogs.

  • Odd Thomas

    Oddly weird mix of banter, pious bullshit, and superhero origin story. Doesn’t work too well, it feels unfinished. I had to see it to believe it.

  • Atonement

    You stupid child. Getting people killed, is that her idea of fun? And the final gut punch, oof.

  • Eagle Eye

    Pre-Snowden, pre-January 6 insurrection techno thriller. It’s a very competent cast with a silly script. Baby’s first Enemy of the State, Fun!

  • Whiteout

    White Noise…

  • Men in Black: International

    That’s no Sonnenfeld Men in Black. Strictly worse than the second one, with added Tencent cash and so much product placement.

  • The Host

    Just like Parasite (and even Mother), the tone swerves very fast from hilarious comedy to poignant emotional suffering. The USA are the real monsters…

  • The Town

    Fake Bostonians robbing banks and emotionally destroying a poor bank manager. Give it up, Ben, you ain’t no working class dude, let alone from the projects. Jimmy Renner is less fake than ye!

  • Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

    Baited with a Jarhead type, and all I got was another Pentagon propaganda flick. Kristen was right, he’s no hero.

  • Mia and the White Lion

    A tasteful anti-“canned lion hunting” screed, brought to you by Rolex.

  • Paradise Hills

    As the name implies, these are the opposite of paradisaical greenery. Nice costumes, with a mere clothesline plot to show them off.

  • Catwoman

    Me-wow! Woman Empowerment meets Sexy Leather Outfits. A much better look at the fashion industry that The Devil Wears Prada.