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  • Cell

    This is an alleged adaptation of a Stephen King novel, but it was butchered beyond any recognition. Not even the main cast can salvage it.

  • Restos do Vento

    Violence begets violence, silence continues the suffering, vengeful catharsis only delays the problem. In this case, for the next generation.

  • Henry's Crime

    This is a low key caper, so low key it even ends in a cliffhanger. Nothing is resolved, but it’s the journey that counts. Worth it for all but Keanu, he’s not cut out for this.

  • Charlie's Angels

    Hot damn, it’s a twofer: turns Charlie’s Angels into something other than braless woman running around, and proves you can do a modern feminist-ish big blockbuster without condescension nor Clinton-esque girlboss nonsense.

  • Red Sparrow

    Just like Salt, it’s incredible the amount of old scripts still floating around being just made acritically. This is neither Mission: Impossible, nor Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy. It completely fails to choose a tone and stick to it.

  • Guernica

    Good grief, one of the worst films brought about from one of the best settings. And a great cast to boot, doing mindless love triangles.

  • Fatal Instinct

    The superior Basic Instinct parody, where the femme fatale puts on underwear instead. Raunchy, but tasteful. Worth it for the cast alone.

  • Lady Bloodfight

    I thought this was a Dead or Alive adaptation, all the fighters have dangerously large breasts. It’s scary. The fight scenes are not bad, with the right amount of slo-mo. A Z-list film, but very much watchable, a lady-only remake of Bloodsport.

  • Silmido

    A mix of Saving Private Ryan and Full Metal Jacket, if they were both directed by Jackie Chan or John Woo. The action scenes are so over the top, it’s hard to take the rest seriously.

  • Portrait de la jeune fille en feu

    Forbidden love in the 1700’s, remains mostly the same until about the 1960’s. You will be disappointed if you go in expecting Blue Is the Warmest Color.

  • Anthropoid

    A nice name. The -oid suffix means in the shape of. Someone who sends millions to their death us not a full human.

  • Deep Rising

    I could watch Kevin J. O’Connor is any situation. He turns any schlocky monster movie into a fun romp. The leads too, both cat burglar Trillian and no-nonsense blue collar small business owner Paddy O’Malley, but Joey is the glue that holds the film together.