Jack Reacher

Ah, I think this is a pretty faithful film noir update. Reacher is a complete asshole, to women, to allies, to everyone. But he’s also the Marty Stu protagonist, impervious to any threats. It’s better when the social mores being violated are from the 50s, he’s just a prick.

Getting Werner Herzog to play the villain is just crazy. Zek Chelovek, Prisoner Human Being. That and having a nearly full English cast playing Americans.

The plot is mostly an excuse for Cruise to Bond it up, running around kicking and shooting, sometimes walking around shirtless. Rosamund Pike also walks around wearing low cut tops with a lot of mammary movement, running down stairs and shit. Fun for all middle aged people.

Our protagonist is a rich hobo, living off the grid. He’s some kind of former JAG (like A Few Good Men), but famous as a Boogeyman, a military John Wick.

After a guy kills five people at random in America, the police and DA actually investigate it, instead of chalking it up to a regular Tuesday. With the help of our hobo NCIS, they stumble into a conspiracy to acquire a construction company as a front for some criminal enterprise.

Our boy saves the day, but doesn’t get the girl, even though she practically throws herself at him. He prefers the company of an older, gruff gun range owner. All alone on the road…


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