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  • The Last Days on Mars

    The Thing, but on Mars was already done by Carpenter himself as Ghosts of Mars, but this adds 28 Days Later zombies too. Worthy for having Olivia Williams bossing everyone around like a queen.

  • Ghostbusters

    This is the quintessential “modern” reboot of an older IP which was radioactive as fuck. Who’s you gonna bore? Ghostbusters. I ain’t afraid of no repetition.

  • PlayTime

    Jacques Tati goes crazy, with massive sets of massive office buildings, where masses of people mask their major mental disorders, and must make merriment in manic restaurants. I liked Trafic better.

  • Coisa Ruim

    Man is the real monster, and moving from the big city to bumfuck reveals the seething problems lurking beneath the veneer of respectability.

  • Heat

    A slow Crash, out of a gun battle. It’s really all about the heists.

  • Carriers

    Can you do a zombie film without zombies? Yes, but it’s just The Happening with less killer trees.

  • Red Dawn

    This is… Wow. Puts the Cold War in perspective, in this particular case, the Walter Sobchak’s perspective.

  • O Fantasma

    The protagonist is fucking in heaven. Fucking, and fucking, and fucking in heaven. I want to fuck more, I want to fuck more…. Beware of the unsimulated fellatios…

  • Highlander

    There can be only one Queen-scored film, and this ain’t it.