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  • Batman & Robin

    OH GOD THE PUNS! Cold comfort knowing they are delivered by Arnie. Uma Thurman also has plenty of plant-based puns too, leaf her alone! The zoom into the BatButt is literally the first scene.

  • The Mexican

    A very funny romp through organised crime, feuds, and a cursed custom revolver, which is really all about a bickering couple.

  • Candyman

    What do you mean, Philip Glass composed the soundtrack for a seminal slasher film? How did that happen, did Clive Barker just said Philip Glass, Philip Glass, Philip Glass, Philip Glass, Philip Glass in front of a mirror?

  • A Few Good Men

    What truth? You can’t handle the truth! This is just a military courtroom drama, but it’s still air-punching great to see injustice vanquished and the All-American Justice System (the JAG military types) restore honour to innocents.

  • The Patriot

    Yankees vs Lobsterbacks, with a climax around a nominal Battle of Bunker Hill. It’s never named, because it’s completely fictional, the whole thing is complete balderdash, filtered by Emmerichian lenses.

  • Spy Game

    A 2001 film about the CIA managing to kill a terrorist that bombed American embassies, killing hundreds? Must be fiction, Bin Laden was only killed ten years later, and Al-Zawahiri twenty one years after 9/11.

  • Independence Day: Ressurgence

    Shit, for different reasons. This is a bog-standard modern sci-fi middle of the road affair. Instead of US Navy propaganda, it has product placement and Chinese money bankrolling the whole thing.

  • Independence Day

    Woo, Will Smith in the start of its Schwarzenegger-isation. It’s not MIB II-levels of “wooo”. Just like all Emmerich epics, this is bursting at the seams with shit happening, but at the same time it feels hollow.

  • Detective Pikachu

    The nostalgia for kids stuff is a powerful drug. So powerful, it makes oblivious to how stupid this whole thing is. The Emoji Movie-levels of stupidity.