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  • Blue Steel

    A slasher with just a few characters. Clearly fiction when Internal Affairs do suspend cops for excessive use of force. Not pure copaganda, though.

  • 1492: Conquest of Paradise

    Pure unbridled Columbus hagiography. A failed attempt at mimicking the old sword and sandals epic. The Vangelis score is much greater than the film itself.

  • Suburbicon

    Same vibe as Mom and Dad, with an extra crammed up social commentary. The Coens contribution must be spicing up the script with nice dialogue, but that’s it.

  • The Fountainhead

    Never understood what does the title refer to. I thought there might be a Citizen Kane-like “Rosebud” moment. Nope, just endless soliloquies and not much plot.

  • The Whale

    The good kind of Oscar bait, not a bait and switch. The anti-nihilist screed we need for our trying times.

  • Aquaman

    More like Amphibiousman. He fights just as good on land. More hippopotamus, less sea lion.

  • Crimes of the Future

    Body Horror Cronenberg is tight. LifeFormWare.

  • Hanna

    Where Do I Begin? Life is Sweet, The Salmon Dance, Snow falls.

  • The Witch

    Do not trust the pilgrims. Their plantation defies god’s teachings, we must go at it alone, in the wilderness. Nary ungodly thoughts must be had in our homestead.

  • Syriana

    This seems like one of those roman-à-clef, based on an old spook’s memoirs.

  • Rear Window

    Under a microscope, we are all crazy, it’s not moral to surveil people willy-nilly. But only some murder and dismember their wives.