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13 posts from 02 to 27 July 2018.

  • Linhas de Sangue

    Ensemble parody of action films in general. Low budget doesn’t mean low quality, but in this case that is not completely off the mark.

  • Autómata

    RealDolls are people too (Incredibly NSFW, you have been warned!).

  • Deconstructing Harry

    Fucking hell, what a fucker the main character is. Fucks around so much he is dumped by all woman he dates and/or marries. The dipshit will bed everything that moves.

  • Balada da Praia dos Cães

    Simple investigation into a murder that might have political connotations. Turns out it was a crime of passion and the political police are clutching at straws trying to extract meaning where it doesn’t exist.

  • First Reformed

    Taxi Driver meets Silence. The light political stuff is mild, but you can see the Paul Schrader speak through it. Travis Bickle’s youthful rage has turned into elderly depression and sadness for the heirs of his generation.

  • Incredibles 2

    More of the same with loads of callbacks and references. Doesn’t reach the level of the first one, it’s an action packed scene with an ironic plot.

  • Leviano

    Hipster bullcrap. A low rent Spring Breakers.

  • Paprika

    Even man-child Fritz Haber deserves love.

  • Secret Window

    A Stephen King adaptation about a mentally unstable writer, what a surprise. This is the one where he is stalked by a southern guy played with gusto by Jesus Quintana.

  • Chronicle

    Teens find a hole with a superpowers-granting machine and have to deal with the fallout of being too immature for the power they wield. Pretty interesting take on the superhero genre.

  • She's Out of My League

    Bog standard, formulaic rom com with swear words. Poor Jay Baruchel. This is so predictable you can almost use it a clock.

  • The Color of Money

    Pool Newman.

  • Spring Breakers

    The missing Saints Row 3 adaptation, with some introspection casually thrown into the mix.