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  • Hancock

    Analyse This retrograde script. Old and busted ideas dressed up in fine leather and CGI.

  • The Spy Who Loved Me

    Equal parts Benny Hill, eye watering melodrama and regular Bond villain megalomania.

  • The Man with the Golden Gun

    The one where Bond faces Scaramanga, the guy with three nipples and a dwarf servant.

  • Live and Let Die

    The very first Roger Moore-led Bond has magic people, voodoo people.

  • Rambo III

    The one where the US Army fawns over the Taliban Mujahideen. That did not age well…

  • Rambo: First Blood Part II

    Now this is more Rambo. Jingoistic, preposterous and ripe for parodies.

  • Glory

    Ferris Bueller’s Army Day. I understand we was playing a kid thrust into responsibility by war, but he’s still the nerd from WarGames.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Childish BS, what a crock of shit.