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13 posts from 04 to 27 February 2018.

  • The Conjuring

    Every horror film rolled into one.

  • Retreat

    28 Straw Dogs. It even has Cillian Murphy.

  • Winter's Bone

    White trash struggles to live, while the universe conspires against them.

  • Gothika

    Ghost Whisperer on Rohypnol.

  • Now You See Me

    There’s no The Prestige into taking Mementos from other films. Pure Larceny.

  • Chicken Run

    Clucking great children’s film.

  • Girl Next Door

    From the ads, it seemed like another American Pie, but this is something else.

  • District 9

    Wikus is the real everyman. A dumb bureaucrat who keeps fucking up.

  • Escape from L.A.

    The anarchist’s cookfilm.

  • Mirror Mirror

    Another [Snow White](Snow White: Fairest of them All){:.inner-link} adaptation, but fun and colourful.

  • Bullets over Broadway

    Hilarious take on the backstage of a Broadway play.

  • Closed Circuit

    Ultra British thriller.

  • Jupiter Ascending

    Variation on the same themes as The Matrix, with great window dressing. Mila Kunis was not the ideal actress for the lead, but it’s watchable.