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  • Listen

    Nem mau nem bom, antes pelo contrário. How does this win so many awards?

  • Strange Days

    Strange for cops to murder black people on a random traffic stop? Over spurious reasons, for nothing? Yeah, the good old 90’s…

  • Moonlight

    This is really a retread of older films, adapted to differing realities. Sadly this is something so taboo, most American actors ran away from this like the plague, it seems.

  • Red Beard

    Fucking A, this is a riot. The sparse orchestral score is the cherry on top. Not to be confused with Blackbeard, Blue Beard, or any other colourful facial hair.

  • Throne of Blood

    The Macbeth adaptation, more “theatrical” than other Kurosawa films. “Something wicked this way comes”, “out damn spot” and other Shakesperean lingo doesn’t translate so well.

  • Immortals

    300 nicer plots squandered to focus on the bad parts. Holds up visually, as most Tarsem Singh films.

  • Ocean's Eight

    Not a bad riff on the Ocean’s Eleven genre, with a great cast to boot. I find it most ironic that main cast’s salaries are similar amounts to what they are allegedly stealing, but they don’t split it equally. Life imitates art, badly.

  • Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot

    The origin of Monsieur Hulot, vacationing in a small beach hotel, failing to attract the attention of Martine. She is pushed towards that intellectual twit, but rebuffs him too. That love triangle is a pure sideshow, the star as the many very funny visual gags.

  • Police Academy

    A higher-brow Porky’s (with Kim Catrall too, sadface), still very unfunny. Aged very badly, but I think it was already bad when it came out. Still not much copaganda…

  • Dodes'ka-den

    For something completely different, Kurosawa does a bunch of smaller stories on a lively slum. Not one is resolved in any way, thus was a just sneak peak into their lives.

  • The Hidden Fortress

    Secret royalty passes through blockades with the help of trusted samurai and unwitting peasants. No, not Star Wars, this is fun and poignant.

  • A Fistful of Dollars

    Amateurish sanitised Yojimbo remake, with the humour replaced with protracted gun massacres and grumpy men. Makes getting shot in the heart a nice activity.